Friday(15/11) Informatics Student from State Polytechnic of Semarang won a runner up of National MembaTIK Competition 2019 in Aumented Reality Category. This achievement begins from the final project of advanced graphic design subject that is guided by Mr. Liliek Triyono, S.T., M.Kom.. Each group of students is required to produce an Augmented Reality based educational game that is aimed for some high school students and had to submit their product to National MembaTIK Competition 2019. This group consists of four members, there are Alfian Karim Fathur Rahman, Muyasarah Putri Kornela, Tedi Irawan, and Raditya Ari Pradana.

This application brings out Indonesian History subject that discuss about Indonesian prehistorical relics. The goal of this application is helping the teachers so their History subject teaching process will not boring. It’s also expected to increase students’ understanding about history subject, because it still hard to find an education game that discuss about History subject. “Usually the History subject book is using black and white photo. In this application, we make the visualization of History more interesting,” said Tedi Irawan.
The competition began with registration through official MembaTIK web, Each participant also required to submit their product through that web. The selection is done by proffesional juries outside pustekkom. 45 finalist out of 315 participants were chosen for four different category. Those finalists were invited to go to Jakarta and presented their product in front of juries that is different from the first selection juries.
Monday (14/11), 10 finalists for each category were announced via web, pustekkom's social media, and whatsapp. Raditya Ari Pradana, which is the leader of their group, went to Jakarta for the final round. On Wednesday (13/11), each finalist required to attend National Ki Hajar Seminar 2019 that brings out “Build excellent and well-charactered generation in digital era” theme, and it's located in Balai Kartini. For three days, the finalist were facilitated to stay at Kristal Hotel, Jakarta.
All of the finalists presented their product on Thursday (14/11) in Kristal Hotel, Jakarta. Raditya Ari Pradana presented the application and explaining about its features that consist of Indonesia prehistorical lesson, the voice over of the lesson, quiz, 3D visualization of prehistorical relics, and interesting scan marker book. We just have to direct the camera into the marker from the book. After that, it will show a 3D object in the user’s smartphone. Not only presented the application, but Raditya Ari also got advices and critics from the juries so his team can develop their application in the future.

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